Her Hair is Better than My Hair

I am re-posting one of my favorite posts today (August 30, 2011).

Today was very exciting for this RV girl. We met up with a childhood friend and schoolmate for lunch. We had not really seen each other pretty well since High School days. I warned her on the phone yesterday to look out for the old lady at the meeting place……

We got there first. I have to admit I was a wee bit scared and nervous. Ok so I was very nervous.

And then she arrived.

As she got out of her car, it was as though the whole world slowed down……In slow motion, I watched her gracefully untangle her long lovely legs from the car’s interior and alight on the pathway. The pathway itself seemed to glow and I am fairly sure there were flashing lights as she elegantly made her way along the walk…..Suddenly angels began to sing in glorious harmony and my heart skipped a beat….NO, my heart STOPPED. It was every 62 year old’s worst nightmare….Wendy is gorgeous and sophisticated and has the most ravishing (and 100%  natural) red hair I have ever seen. And to top it off, she has cascading curls that bounce when she walks! I gasped aloud ignoring my husband’s feeble attempts to still my aching heart. Instinctively he KNEW this was to be one of those moments. Ah, the big butt from just this morning’s blog post  was nothing compared with the pain that assaulted me now. Still, I am, and always have been, I hope, a kind hearted person and so for her (that goddess Wendy) I was glad, YES, I am glad. There are just those souls who deserve to be touted and praised and admired and fretted over and my friend Wendy is just such a person.

Her husband did join us too and we had the most delightful luncheon feasting on Fish Chowder and Nova Scotia Lobster Rolls……ahhhhh, wonderful.

I intend to be very brave here now and to insert a photo of us with Wendy. You will see what a humble person I am to share this with all of you because, you see, HER HAIR IS BETTER THAN MY HAIR  (amongst other things I must add….:) )

WENDY with Ray and Helen


A glorious summer morning in my old hometown today helped me decide that I ought to accompany my husband on his early morning walk-about. The air is crisp and fresh and the sunshine warm. A definite change from the intense summer heat and humidity of home (Bermuda…for 40 plus years) And I must point out that to agree to exercise with our two dogs is a smart move on my part. While I am still waking up, they are anxious to stop and leave their yellow-watery mark every few feet. I indulge them until it is apparent that they are soon shooting “dry”. And so, in a renewed sense of “I gotta walk these extra pounds off”, I pull them along and make an attempt to begin to sweat a little. As I pass a shop window downtown, I glance at my reflection. The pride I was about to experience was short-lived when I was shocked into exclamation: “RAY! Why didn’t you tell me my butt was getting so big????!!!!” SILENCE……I looked back and saw a look of terror cross his face. SILENCE. Finally I saved him by saying, “I get it….no answer could ever be the right answer!” ha ha ha Poor dear ole Ray!

The best part of our walk was near the end. We stopped at an outdoor cafe for orange juice (ok ok AND a blueberry muffin!!! cheech!) and several people came up to us to admire our cute little dogs. (Ben and Jerry are such show stoppers) and it turns out that one lady’s brother was my brother David’s best friend growing up. George Naugle. Then a Don Mac Neil came over and he played Baseball with several of my brothers. He said that though my brother Don was a lot younger, he would never forget what a terrific athelete he was. KUDOS David, and Don. (you better be reading this guys! 🙂 )

It’s fun meeting up with old friends and it’s terrific making new ones too. Here in the campground, people just stop by to say hello and ask where we are from etc. One such couple stopped by last night and we discovered we just may be related. Fun fun fun……

Are you taking advantage of good weather to do your own sort of walk-abouts? It does not have to be your old hometown, but just wherever you are. Take a few moments and really study the people around you. Whether it be at a local coffee shop, or waiting in line at the post office…..stop, chat and make friendly. You may be pleasantly surprised…..

Antigonish in the early 1960's

TV Shows I Abhore……

No introduction needed for this one.

1. Entertainment Tonight!  Why do I care one iota what any celebrity does or does not do on any given day?!?!

2. Hot in Cleveland! Betty White was funnier before she was directed to be a raunchy old lady. It ain’t funny that you are old AND dirty talking.

3. Happily Divorced! Fran Drescher……..you were cute as the Nanny. Now you’re not. Besides Divorce is NOT a joke…..EVER!

4. David Letterman! He is so rich because he ridicules good people and honors many of questionable ethics.

5. The View! Just HATE it……

6. Numb3rs! Come on, get real…..mathmetics does NOT solve all crimes. No way!

7. All Soaps……boring and poorly written and directed.

There are so many more but I would rather hear from YOU……





Well, I know I am getting old
and not just because of who I see in the mirror every morning and definitely
not because of who I wake up with every morning…because we all know that though
he may be balding and grey of beard, any man looks better with age. No, life is
unfair in that , because no man I have ever met even cares if he looks his age
or beyond!

Shall I share some of my
thoughts on this subject with you? (press delete
now if you are seriously not interested) yeah, I thought not.



  1. Well an exciting evening for me is when I can
    have prepared dinner, eaten it with my beloved and maybe even have a glass
    of wine, and still have the dishes washed up with left-overs stowed before


  1. Another fine example must be that when I sent Ray
    out for his evening walk today with our dogs, I encouraged him to walk
    past the campsite of those cute French ladies who Ooh and Ahh over the
    pugs and make eyes at Ray all the while.


  1. I never remember what day it is unless I check my
    daily medication tray. (hey I am only on 3 life saving drugs at the


  1. I bring Make-up with me wherever I go and then
    can’t be bothered to use it. (it doesn’t make any difference anyway…hey
    even professionals can’t hide the lines that define me these days)


  1. I am thrilled that I am just a grandmother, not a


  1. I lie awake at night to watch my husband breathe
    and thank God that he is; breathing, that is


  1. I actually think before I put any food whatsoever
    into my mouth, carefully deciding which ingredients will be agreeable in
    that time slot.


  1. I am looking forward to getting a pension check
    in less than 5 years! And at the same time dreading having to retake my
    driver’s test soon after that.


  1. I like myself (most of the time)


  1. I am proud of my lilac/purple veins in my
    legs….they show that the blood is still splashing around in there

There are so many more ways
but I won’t elaborate any further because I actually forget all the clever
things I was going to say.

RVing Girl

The Road Less Travelled (and maintained)

Hi we everyone!

What a fun day for me…..not only am I roaming the country with my husband and best pal in our RV, but today I have turned 62 years old! Although I am away from my grown children and darling grandchildren, the internet/facebook has kept me close.

This morning we left beautiful St. Andrews and headed off to a quaint little place known as Hopewell (New Brunswick). We felt adventurous today so decided to take the ‘road less travelled’. What fun! Though the way was rather rough and ridden with pot holes, it was a fabulous idea. We passed through settlements (too small even to be classified as a village) and towns that we might never have known existed. The scenes were magnificent; the atmosphere was lovely. We stopped along the way to take photographs, let the doggies leave their mark here and there and then we discovered a remarkable little village called Alma right in the midst of Fundy Bay Park. There we dined on the BEST Lobster Rolls ever and watched the boats high and dry quayside because of the Tidal Bore. We were thrilled that we managed this in low tide and so we explored after sating our appetites. The townsfolk were friendly and eager to tell us a little about life in this lovely place. It seems that many places close down completely in the winter months. One has to wonder what fills those long cold winter hours….

Along the way, we passed so many places with very unusual names that I began to record some of them.

Musquash, Ouispamsis, Nauwigewank, Kenneberacis River, Penobsquis and even Negro Brook. Yup, you read that correctly…… Just before our destination, we passed through Cape Enrage. Wow…..All of these delightful little places are in picturesque New Brunswick, Canada. You must visit some time.

I think I will post a couple of photos taken along the way. Several of them even show the dead bugs on our windshield…..all part of the fun!

A lovely evening is planned here looking out over the whole Fundy Bay area…….but most likely inside away from the mosquitoes.

Too Close for Comfort…

As we travel here, there and everywhere on our RVing journey, one of the things we deem of utmost importance is the amount of space alloted to us and our 37 foot Motor Home. I surf the internet, studying the pros and cons of various Campgrounds and Parks and after careful consideration, we make our choice. I should say “I” make the choice and Ray happily agrees. Though he is the Captain of our RV Ship, I am the navigator, co-pilot, organizer, chief cook, and well, the real BOSSY one. 🙂 And so it goes, if I take a fancy to one Park over another, my Main Man steers the Rig this-a-way or that-a-way. This is our third year RVing and I consider myself, well ourselves, experts. We have stayed at lovely luxurious Resorts and then other Campgrounds who have been self-labeled a “Resort” who have crossed the lines of poetic licence! We have endured noisy yappy dogs in sites next to us and loud obnoxious campers partying well into the night but these have been few and far between, thankfully. All Campgrounds have fairly strict rules and about 99% of them enforce them rigidly. Whew.

We have enjoyed glorious Mountain Views, Lakeside sites, forested woodsy spots where we watched the wildlife endlessly. We have been in concrete jungles too but have found that once our curtains are closed at night, we are happy in our little RV World. We have had enormous places wherein we had proverbial miles of space to ourselves and then places where it is rather too close for comfort. Though we are sitting quite peacefully overlooking the ocean here in St. Andrews, NewBrunswick, we were surprised yesterday when a new neighbor pulled in next to us. Early in the morning we oohed and ahhhed over the Fundy Tide in front of us and photographed the birds scouring the shore for nuggets of delight for themselves. We then sat outside in the sunshine with our reading material and marvelled at the briskness to the August air, all the time being very thankful for our little respite from another Bermuda sweltering summer. We casually walked the dogs about the campground, roaming into the wooded areas wherein the tenters brave the real camping experience. Stopping to chat with other RVers is a fun part of each day and it seems that we make more friends than we could ever hope to keep up with in the real world. Our main chore for the day is laundry time but that too is nothing compared with our normal busy lives in our Bermuda world. All is well in the world of RVing…..well, that is, until the new neighbors arrives. Do you recall my mentioning the “SPACE” alloted to each camping site? Well allow me to address the uncomfortable neighborly reality when a young family takes up residence not 3 feet to our side. The children might be described as sweet and cute even by most but we have named them anything but….. they are crying and whining and scrapping and demanding and we have become intimately aqquainted with their every movement (yes in the real sense of that word!). When one of them sneezes, we must wipe the spittle off our windows. And to make matters worse, I am about to celebrate my 62nd year on this fair earth tomorrow. I have had to curtail my language which is not such a bad thing, perhaps, but grossly unfair when I am subject to playing Gin Rummy with my scheming winningest husband. It is above and beyond what any free speaking Canadian/Bermudian ought to endure. We find ourselves so distressed by this that we are pulling up stakes and moving on tomorrow. We head over to the border between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia on our quest for liberation! I shall endeavor to post some photos hencewith (always wanted to use that word; feel free to correct me if I am grammatically incorrect).

Perhaps you too shall feel my pain and discomfort. On the other hand, you will be sure to enjoy that which is excellent in being a part of the RVing world. Because; you see, it is mostly GOOD…yes, very very good!

Beasts can be Burdens

I am the owner/master of two cute little pugs, named Ben & Jerry. Everyone who sees them is immediately drawn to them. They are (to my husband,) chick-magnets (pardon the term). Allow me to explain briefly. We are RVers and so as we travel about from one State to another, from Province to Province and from this Campground to the next, Ray is the principle dog walker. I warned him about the dangers of such explorations in these many varied places, telling him to be back within a reasonable time because these cute little pugs were sure to draw the ladies around in droves. At 7:30 am, after the very first stroll about a new Campground, he came back flushed and eager to share the good news with me…”Helen, you were right; these guys are total chick magnets! I had a hard time getting back to the RV because I was constantly surrounded by very charming ladies.” I was not precisely shocked but a little surprised it happened so fast and then he continued, “There was a group of girls aged about 4 to 8 yrs and then another group followed us around for a bit. These were about 7 to 10 year olds.”
And so it has gone from that day 3 years ago, when we first set out on our RV Adventurers. The boys have joined in too and so in every campground, as we make our way about, there are shouts of “Hey, there’s Ben and Jerry! Can we pat them?” It’s fun to see the little kids interact with them and makes us miss our own precious grandchildren back home in Bermuda. RVers are generally big time dog lovers and we have met many an interesting person when we stop to allow our pets to make friends. A real ice-breaker for sure!

And now to the “beasts” and “burden” mention.

For “cute” little guys, they can be downright beasts. Take note of this video which I shall attempt to upload. Dinnertime tonight at St. Andrews-by-the-Sea in lovely New Brunswick, Canada.

So sorry but my video though easily viewable on my laptop will simply NOT let me upload it. Suffice it to say, the little beasts are unmannerly and disgusting at dinnertime.!!!!

Good Morning Sunshine!

Living, for the past 40 plus years, in Bermuda, I actually amazed myself  this morning when I performed a “Thanks for the Sunshine” dance around my RV. My fellow campers may have thought me a bit strange and some even took pictures to send to their grandchildren or local newspapers but one has to understand just a few things… I mentioned Bermuda because, you see, in that magical place, we all collect our own water. There are no resevoirs, rivers, lakes or streams. We rely 100% on God’s water supply……RAIN. And this year, it has been particularly dry. Ray and I are fine 90% of the time because we do have a well (for our pool and toilets) as do some others but well water cannot be used for drinking or cooking (it is too brackish) and we have a large tank so our supply tends to do for the 2 of us now that the children are grown.  And so Rain is our friend there. Bermuda has 350 days of sunshine a year on the average. We mostly manage to get enough rain water because God had decided, I guess, to have it rain in the evenings and at night much of the time. But God sometimes tests us by refusing to allow the rains to come. And so we are often on our knees in the hotter months (no not LOOKING for streams) in prayer. Bermudians pray in church for (1.) World Peace and (2). Rain.   And when it does deem to team down, people everywhere rejoice and the conversation may go something like this: “Wow, this is GREAT tank rain!” or “There is a bit too much wind with this rain to fill the tanks” or even “I don’t care if our work summer party IS cancelled; we need this rain!”  People stop whatever they are doing to stare out the windows. New hirees at the work place are often astounded by their fellow workers flocking to the windows and doorways to watch the rain. There is an excitement that maybe ought to be accompanied by fireworks but then the rain cancels out that brilliant idea! Only when an Englishman in his frightfully posh accent bows down and sings praises to the rain is he or she finally admitted to the rank of *”paper” Bermudian. Other countries may have lengthy political requirements to admit a fellow citizen but in Bermuda we wait until they have performed the “Rain Dance”…..the Bossa Nova be damned…… Being out on the road travelling in our RV for months at a time, we receive long distance phone calls when (1) someone dies, (2) a new baby is born and (3) you guessed it, it is raining!

And my point in all of this chattering is that so far on our RV trip, it has rained and rained and rained some more. We are sick of it! and no tanks to even fill up so therefore when today we awoke to blessed sunshine, ta-da! My Sunshine Dance!

Today we may wander outside to enjoy the sunshine or I am thinking of composing poetry…..hummm…..let’s see…. “An Ode to Sunshine”  Yup, excuse me but my brilliant mind is a-calling!

* That is another story for another day…

Are We Still in USA?

On today’s 4 hour drive in the RV we were amused by the many names of the small towns and villages we passed through in New Hampshire and then Maine. Having decided to stay off the large freeways, we knew we would have more of a local taste in the leisurely drive. At one point we turned to each other and said, “Are we still in the USA?”  We followed Route 2 East toward Bangor and these are a few of the places we drove through:

Mexico; South Paris; Peru; Berlin; Canaan; Athens; Belfast;  and Palmyra.

One assumes the original settlers in such places brought a little of their own heritage to their new home in the United States. And yet these towns or villages are so small and very close together. Maybe this is what the Melting Pot is really all about.

And now we are camped in the Pumpkin Patch in Hermon, Maine. Our Rig is situated on Tomato Row which happens to be across from Squash Rd. and next to Turnip Drive. The Resort also lists Potato Row and Cabbage Patch Drive. They have a real great Pet Walk area too and that is adjacent to Dahilia Drive which intersects with Sweet Pea Row.

My oh my,  but with all this produce in our faces here at Site Number 66, one gazes about and nary a vegetable or plant in sight. It is a nice enough RV Campground but there are almost NO tress and no grassy knolls. At least it is clean, we admit. There have been far far worse.


Mastering the Art of Collecting Poop…..

Yup, you read correctly. Poop…..doggie poop, that is.

As an avid RVer and part time camper, one thing I have learned and learned well is how to collect my 2 little Pugs’ waste with ease. Most people follow along and after the poop is exported from the animal, they bend over and gingerly pick it up with the little doggie do-do bag. They then carry it around with them as though carrying a treasured prize. I; however, like to get right into the action. I do not wait for the excrement to hit pay-dirt or any dirt at all; I catch it mid stream. Yup, once Ben & Jerry assume the “position”,  I squat and perch with the bag open and waiting. I enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling I get from being so intimately involved in my pet’s daily habits. Many of you can relate I am sure…….My hands, with or without plastic, do not EVER get within 6 inches of the crap. I use a large shopping bag (plastic, of course) and then trot along to the trash container nearest the scene of the crime. If I am lucky, some kind gentleman will even open the refuse bin for me. I feel there is an art to accomplishing this act in a lady-like fashion and always maintainng my dignity.

I am thinking of having a “How-To Video” done and posting it on You Tube.