I Once Was Lost….

I follow a lot of blogs and enjoy them. They are a mixed bag and stimulate my mind, make me laugh, bring a wee tear to my eye at times, and give me a great start to my day.

Well, almost always. For the first time today I have been saddened by one particular blog and no it is not yours or yours or yours. (:) it is not one of my followers, rather one I checked out because of someone else’s recommendation)

The topic wasn’t what made me sad per se but rather the tone. I can laugh like anyone about menopause making us crazy and even being angry about many things around us; in fact, too often I am angry (I’m working on this one folks) but I am not yet about to give up on the human race. I am not settling for “that’s just how it is”. I am not prepared to damn every sorry person for what I may see as stupidity or laziness or apathy etc. I am prepared here today to say, Let’s NOT give up on young people. Let’s not ignore the lost souls around us; let’s look past their sloppy, tattooed, pierced bodies and seek the aching heart that beats therein. Let’s stand before the throne of God on behalf of these young people. Let’s lift them in prayer. Let’s believe that lives can STILL be transformed by the power of God. Let’s stand in the gap for the alcoholic mother. Let’s open our hearts to the pain that lies deep within. Let’s look for how we can touch someone, one kind word at a time, one day at a time. Let’s show them that we care. We are not just aging women and men; we are vibrant and powerful prayer warriors. Let’s stop being so self-centered and reach out to the lonely, the hurting and the forgotten.
Let’s ask the Lord to fill us with His compassion. For surely we were once lost. We were once broken and we were once looking for peace.

You see, though I boast not one tattoo; though I have not been arrested; though I have not been a drunk nor done drugs, still I was a sinner. And Jesus set me free.
I am still a broken woman and full of sinful tendencies but because of the love of Him and His shed blood. I can stand pure and clean.

God put us on this earth for various reasons. He gave each of us talents (though some are not always obvious) but I know that one purpose He has for my life is to share His love, His joy, His hope and His salvation.

Thank you in advance for joining my side as we humble ourselves and seek the face of God and pray for those around us.