Vanity and the House of Mirrors



I have 18 french doors in my home. And 90% of them are mirrored (for privacy).  That, along with other mirrors,  would make it seem that we are a very vain couple.
I will confess that I often watch myself prance (yes I do prance)about the house; it’s virtually impossible NOT to but I will say, in my own defense, that I am far more apt to be self-critical than anything else but I realize that too can be a sign of vanity. So I am vain. I compare myself to others; I check out my rounded shoulders, my too large waist line. I scold myself when I see myself coming AND going since neither view is particularly pleasant but what I am totally amazed at is the total LACK of VANITY in my dear husband. In fact, in over 41 years of marriage I have NEVER seen him look at himself in any mirror or reflective surface other than to shave or brush his teeth. Even then it is as though he is completely satisfied with what looks back at him. He is neither excessively pleased nor displeased.  Sometimes I reach over and straighten a wispy bit of hair for him or tidy his collar and he just shrugs his shoulders and tolerates my fussing.
At one time I used to wish he would care more about how he looks or dresses but that was the silly immature me. I actually am put off by men who are overly conscious of their looks be they wonderful or seriously lacking.
I love that my man is just the way he is!

I happily reside in this House of Mirrors with a man who could live without them.