Christmas Means…..

You hear it every day on the radio, television, read it in magazines and newspapers and hear it at social events and sadly, even some pulpits.
“Christmas means family” or “Christmas is a magical time” or “Christmas means love and sharing”

Whilst all those sentiments are positive and give one a sense of ‘goodwill’ toward our fellow men, it is not really what Christmas means and I am sick of yelling at the TV to inform them. I am tired of planning letters to the Editor to correct any and all comments like that. I am fed up with sitting in a church pew and not hearing the real message, the TRUTH of what Christmas means. (In fairness to our present pastor, he has hit the nail on the head but are our people really listening?)

Christmas:  a. A Christian feast commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ; b. December 25th, the day this is celebrated.



All my life, as a parent, I have tried to instill in my children the true meaning of Christmas; in fact, I am now working on the next generation, reminding my grandchildren about Jesus being born to become our Messiah. A fairly new Christmas song playing these days is just wonderful. “Mary, did you know?” It was composed by Buddy Greene with lyrics by Mark Lowry. I love its sweet simplicity and wish that every child would learn and understand this song. Kenny Rogers does a brilliant rendition.

When my husband was a Partner at the largest Accounting firm here on the island (Bermuda), he was always the Emcee at social events. One year, just before he retired, another of his partners said to him before the evenings’ event began, “Maybe you’d better not pray before the meal tonight, Ray. After all, we have Hindu staff as well as Muslims and so on.” Ray listened and just nodded his head to show he got the message. Just before dinner was served that evening, Ray stood at the microphone and said, “Here in Bermuda, we celebrate Christmas because of the birth of Christ. I realize that some of you are not Christians; however, we are here tonight because it is our Christmas party celebration so please bear with me as we pray…” He bowed his head and blessed the people gathered together, our families, those who could not be here and then our food, all in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Afterwards so many people came up to him and told him how wonderful it was. In fact, the first person who said this to him was himself a Hindu. He said he had great respect for Ray.

I agreed then and I agree today.

Jesus truly IS the reason for this Christmas season!