Annual Christmas Pageant

It may well be called the “Pageant” but I am wondering who seriously thinks that any such performance is anything……

1. to do with Christmas and 2. Pageantry

Merry Christmas????

When I think back to our own 4 children and their annual Christmas shindig wherein WE provide costumes, WE help them learn their lines,  WE have to listen to them screech and sing a modern version of Jingle Bells or Rudolph, and then WE have to fork up $20.00 to actually attend aforementioned Pageant, well, TIME OUT please?

Ah, but my children are all grown now and out of the nest so we are free…..weeeelllll, not quite. We have managed along this particular byway of life to watch our family grow into a new bunch of kids and plays and concerts and assemblies and pageants in the lives of our cherished and darling grandchildren…TEN of them so far! Yikes! Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE attending their little functions because what once may have worried me about my child’s recitation of lines being forgotten or a costume malfunction in front of the other parents now affords me GREAT amusement. These days my husband and I race to see a play or hear great words from the stage, in great hopes of 1. every other attendee at said function will recognize that OUR grandchild is the cutest, most clever, bursting with incredible talent and not to be outdone by any other child and 2. it gives us hours of before-sleepy-time chit-chat at night. It would seem, that now we are grandparents, our favorite conversations just before bedtime prayers is discussing what one grandchild said or did that was brilliant that day. Heck, we even laugh when they may possibly show signs of …ah……..something less than brilliance.  And we laugh together and share and plan on emailing all our friends the next day. Well, by the time morning startles us sane, we keep pretty well most of it to ourselves. After all some things are best cherished in our own home. (or in my case posted across the web via my blog)

And so, you may have noted, we are into the season of “Pageant-Hopping” since the children are not considerate enough to attend the same school and even share the same date of birth, ranging in age from 16 years down to 3. So in December we book ourselves out for various Christmas functions and are thrilled to partake in the entertainment that certainly could outdo any ET (that’s Entertainment Tonight apparently on TV)

The first play we did miss out on but the reports are in. My daughter’s Facebook status last evening said it all,

“I can’t believe I am watching a bunch of Shepherds break-dancing!”

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    • Ah, my work here is done. All I needed is ONE parent/grandparent to admit that one of mine is at the top of the cuteness scale. 🙂
      Thanks Anne

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