Blessed Abundantly

When I tell people that I am so very blessed, I see shoulders shrug, eyes begin that roll of distain, indifferent smiles that rather resemble smirks, agreeable acknowledgement, and then the “No wonder” look. I mean, in general my life looks great and it is. I live in modest luxury, have a loving family, am surrounded by wonderful grandchildren and have my health, for the most part so yeah, one could say that constitutes ‘blessings’ galore.

But it hit me today sitting in my Motorhome, while listening to a podcast from my church in Bermuda here in the middle of the wilderness, that I am blessed in spite of the ‘things’ that fill my closet, bank account or ring fingers and ear lobes. Because if material things are what defines how blessed one is, then there are far too many Christians in this world who are seemingly less blessed than I.

So not true. I am blessed because I have been lifted up from the darkness that threatens to overpower too many people. I am blessed because I have been mercifully forgiven by my precious Abba Father. I am blessed because I am free to worship God openly. I am blessed because the Holy Spirit is at work within me, ever molding and shaping me into the woman God would have me be. I am blessed because God never leaves me nor forsakes me, even when I am least deserving. I am blessed because I walk uprightly because of the precious shed blood of Jesus Christ.

In my Father’s eyes, I am pure and clean, because of the covering of that Blood.

In my Father’s eyes, I am beautiful beyond description, even though by worldly standards, my skin sags, my knees creak, my eyes dim and my words get mumbled.

I am His Child and I am BLESSED.

Glory to God.