There is power right at your fingertips. And though I discovered it some years back, I seemed to have forgotten for a time. I am rather ashamed of myself and having spent several moments…alright HOURS in self reflection, I admitted freely that if I did not call on this power and use it henceforth, there could be serious consequences. In actual fact, lying in my bed last night, listening to my husbands quiet breathing as he slept ( yes, my husband who is reputed to be one of the world’s best already, is also not a snorer either….whoa! Careful there Helen, my auto spell tried to type ‘snorter’!!!   Well thankfully we have no worries there either…ah….but…back to my confession) Hmmm, yes I had to ask myself why I was suffering pain in my left arm. Heart attack? Just in case I jumped out of bed, which I am told is the worst thing I could have done, but jump I did and straight to my medicine cabinet for the low dose aspirin…but I would not actually take it because not so long ago I had a complete heart workup and all was in excellent shape….besides, I was starting to be sure it was a muscle related thing in my arm. Then I felt the twinges of a similar pain in my right arm. Hmmmm, this called for some serious detective work on my part and all within the confines of my warm blankets…..OK guys, slow as I am, realization finally struck. And so this time I hopped out of bed, made for the den, picked up my iPad and using this great power I possessed, I pressed, “delete”, “delete”, and so it went. You see, in my musings oh so poetic on the time spent with my darling grandchildren over the Christmas break, I, like any irresponsible grandparent, had allowed the sweet young things to download several apps on my iPad. In fairness, they were free!!! And not so bad, as long as I monitored the play time for them….ok ok so it was for my darling Zori (refer to my post several days ago) and Kara, don’t shoot me (that’s her mommy and my daughter) ‘Twas a cute little game and she got me into it too. The sad thing is; no the pathetic thing is, I played it more than she did. I would find myself in the last few days sneaking around so that my darling husband would not suspect I had a bit of an addiction and to a child’s game too! Folks I stand before you guilty as charged but perhaps you will forgive me for my bravery in this way too public confession. From that moment forward, I will NOT be playing games wherein the faster you swipe at the little critters, the more points you score. My arms are killing me, even though ( head held slightly aloft here) I did score over 40,000 coins in one swoop.

But seriously, though everything said here is true, it got me to thinking again… I’m retired and have lots of time, am I being responsible in my usage of that time ( and no, please do not call on me to join this organization or that). I have to ask myself daily…what more can I do to be productive and for a higher purpose. If I am really saying I want to spend more time with Jesus, is it to be only in prayer and bible reading? Not necessarily so, though they are vital points to work on. But perhaps, God can use me to share with you, and you and yes, you too….the love and mercy of my precious Savior….maybe He will even use my words to stir someone else to think more  of how they too should be using their time. Well Lord, here I am.

What about you?