When He Nudges in the Night


Like most people around the world, I like to sleep and as I age (hopefully gracefully), sleep has taken on a new importance. First of all, when I do have a difficult time falling asleep or staying asleep for my much needed beauty refresh, the next day becomes rather more of a chore to endure. Be it sluggishness, a feeling of serious loss or even just the fact that here goes one more day and the beauty has not only NOT increased, but rather fades ever more, yes! I love and need my sleep.

Tonight, or I should say, this early morning (4:21 am), I had been having the most delightful sleep. It had to have been restorative because, not only am I awake before my allotted time, but my mind, at least, is refreshed. You see, I didn’t wake up for absolutely no reason. I believe fully that my precious Jesus gently nudged me into alertness. The song He put on my mind which, even as I write this, keeps replaying is “I have decided to follow Jesus…..no turning back; no turning back…” The story behind that beautifully penned hymn is for another blog….wait for it…..wait….

but with this in my heart and on my mind, and at this magical hour it has brought many of my friends and sisters in the Lord to my unexpected time of mid-sleep prayer. And often times with me, the prayers I speak are actually words of encouragement that I simply must share….. and so I have already emailed several messages to those He brought to my mind. Glory be to God.

Jesus brings to mind any  number of people…..be it my Pastor who shared a wonderful lesson on Sunday, or another person I saw worshipping across the room and just someone whose life has crossed with mine, be it for years or a moment in time.

Should  you too be nudged awake, one dream-filled night, I urge you not to assume, it is your gently snoring spouse by your side, take a moment and listen….”Is it you, Lord?” Because if it is so, here I am……

“I have decided to follow Jesus. I have decided to follow Jesus….”

Have you been nudged awake lately? I assure you, it is well worth it….listen, obey, trust and now I will cheerfully say good night…again….precious dreams to you all.